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Our Law Office is committed to providing the highest level of representation to all of our clients.

The Firm…

We (our law firm) would not exist without you, and that reality is our guiding light. Our client commitment is demonstrated by our unwavering commitment to you, your cause, and your case. We explore all options, from Collaborative to the traditional, adversarial litigation process. We leverage specialists with a variety of experiences, all with one goal in mind: you.

Our experience positions us as employment law savants, from issues related to employment discrimination to the import of a vaccine mandate in a post-COVID world. We dedicate our thought-leadership to emerging employment law issues, so we are better positioned to help you navigate the complex and often evolving landscape of employment law and the workplace.

Bartina Edwards

Our experience informs the navigation process, and we know like any other type of navigation, having more than one instrument and tool in the toolbox creates better oppportunities for a greater and more successful resolution. Whether utilizing the litigation process or the collaborative law process, when resolving disputes, one size does not fit all. To that end, Attorney Edwards is a trained Collaborative Law Attorney and partners with others on her team to utilize the Civil Collaborative Process, when applicable. Collaborative Law entails using skilled communicators for identified disputes when it comes to de-escalating emotional conflicts; we know how to negotiate in favor of your interests rather than staking out positions ultimately undermining your interests; and we are authentic in our approach, empowering you to be the creator and master of your destiny, less beholden to the idiosyncrasies of the civil justice system.

Our Practice Areas

Below is some additional information about our focus practice areas. Whether you are a business or individual, let us guide you through our process to determine if and how we can assist you with your matter. Even where we may not be an ideal fit for you or your matter, we aim to assist by providing you with a qualified and competent referral. Having qualified counsel is key to a more effective and efficient legal resolution.

Employment Law

Our employment practice can be divided into two parts.

First, from an individual, employee’s perspective, we represent people who have been wronged in the workplace whether because of their race, color, religion, gender, or national origin. This includes a violation of federal and state workplace laws, including but not limited to the FMLA, ADA, Title VII, ADEA, Section 1981 claims, REDA and Wrongful Termination. These laws allow us to also help people who have been discriminated against based on their pregnancy or disability. In addition, we help people who believe they have suffered a wrong in the workplace in retaliation for exercising a lawful right (i.e. retaliation claims based on “protected activity” in the workplace).

Second, from an employer’s perspective, we help create, review, and revise employee guidelines, handbooks, non-compete agreements, severance agreements, executive compensation agreements, and performing workplace investigations. We consider ourselves a Human Resource and Legal partner in this role because we leverage our experience on both sides (the employee and the business) of employment issues to reduce workplace risk while assisting a company with its culture.

Business Law

Experienced in business law, we help businesses resolve disputes between their business and other business(es) or disputes internal to their company; negotiate contracts; draft contracts; draft estate plan documents to protect a business’s future; draft, review, and revise lease agreements; negotiate buy-sell agreements between partners and third-parties; and form entities so a business can grow its company.

We also serve as outside general counsel for our business clients, which means that, in addition to representing the clients on the issues outlined above, we help quarterback a legal team to determine the best approach for resolving issues either outside of our focus areas or in another jurisdiction. Our services in this regard help business owners focus their time on growing their business rather than being bogged down in operational risk discussions that can suffocate an entrepreneur’s creative energy. We also leverage our internal research resources for your benefit, so you are empowered with more informed decisions and effective outcomes.

Collaborative Law

We are trained in Collaborative Law, which means that every year we dedicate time to learning cutting-edge negotiation and communication strategies to more efficiently resolve disputes. The Collaborative Law Process is a streamlined conflict resolution option saving time, money, and stress for civil disputes. It avoids litigation and instead involves a series of round-table meetings between the parties and their collaboratively trained lawyers.

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